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Case Studies / Best Practices Documents Archives
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1 Community Ownership - Asamblya Village, Gujarat Download (23.91 MB) pdf Water
2 Sucess Story, Kutchh (Gujarat) Download (92.21 MB) ppt Water
3 From Saline Water to Safe water - The story of Kharaghoda Download (57.08 KB) pdf Water
4 Success story Similita Deogarh (Orissa) Download (10.57 KB) pdf Water
5 Construction of Toilets through Corporate Sector, Tiruvallur District Download (728.42 KB) pdf Water
6 A Campaign Led by the Community to Eradicate Open Defecation Download (4.08 MB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
7 Dual pump Scheme a boon for Rural Women.Use of Solar energy as Renewable Resource for Dual pump Scheme. Download (693.16 KB) pdf Water
8 Water Resource Management Download (66.99 KB) pdf Water
9 Launch of Jalmani in Himachal Pradesh Download (21.76 MB) pdf Water
10 Success story of terrafil filteration in Karnataka Download (14.43 MB) zip Water