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Letters and Circulars

S.No. Title Date Download Category
41 Letter regarding Transfer of Expenditure (Pre-financed amount) from State fund to Central fund corresponding to release made under Normal Component (Reimbursement Mode)(26.11.2018) 27/11/2018 Download (210.5 KB) pdf Water
42 Letter regarding Area Officer: liaisoning with States for NRDWP(22.11.2018) 26/11/2018 Download (320.29 KB) pdf Water
43 Letter regarding EOI for the empalement as KRCs with MDWS(19.11.2018) 20/11/2018 Download (143.81 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
44 Letter regarding Taking up of new schemes under NRDWP(16.11.2018) 16/11/2018 Download (743.99 KB) pdf Water
45 Letter regarding Release of Coverage fund-Normal Component (Reimbursement mode)(12.11.2018) 15/11/2018 Download (229.29 KB) pdf Water
46 CAG Report 15 of 2018 on preformance Audit of NRDWP(FY 2012-17) (08.11.2018) 09/11/2018 Download (1.38 MB) pdf Water
47 Letter regarding Furnishing of utilization certificate or refund of unspent funds under NRDWP - Natural Calamity(26.10.2018) 31/10/2018 Download (508.86 KB) pdf Water
48 Letter regarding Registration or mapping of NRDWP fund flow in PFMS and implementation of EAT module for financial payments(22.10.2018) 24/10/2018 Download (602.56 KB) pdf Water
49 Letter regarding Expenditure under Support and WQMS activities to be booked on IMIS(18.10.2018) 22/10/2018 Download (254.06 KB) pdf Water
50 Guidance on the usage of Swachh Bharat Kosh (SBK) and World Bank assistance funds for conversion of dysfunctional toilets to functional reg.(17.10.208) 18/10/2018 Download (136.4 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission