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Letters and Circulars

S.No. Title Date Download Category
11 Letter regarding Rescheduling of Annual Action Plan Meetings for 2019-20 -regarding(14.02.2019) 14/02/2019 Download (293.84 KB) pdf Water
12 Letter regarding Video Conference on AAP Formats (30.01.2019) 30/01/2019 Download (727.72 KB) pdf Water
13 Letter regarding Workshop to familiarize AAP format on 28-29th January, 2019(22.01.2019) 23/01/2019 Download (1.23 MB) pdf Water
14 Letter regarding submission of pending UC and ASA under NCEF funding (11.01.2019) 14/01/2019 Download (478.6 KB) pdf Water
15 Revised letter regarding Meetings for review of NRDWP and NWQSM (14.01.2019) 14/01/2019 Download (1.35 MB) pdf Water
16 Letter regarding Schedule of Annaul Action Plan in respect of NRDWP(10.01.2019) 11/01/2019 Download (1.02 MB) pdf Water
17 Letter regarding Meeting with States to discuss the progress on unspent balances under NRDWP, Geo-tagging of NRDWP schemes and registration of agencies on PFMS(10.01.2019) 10/01/2019 Download (395.85 KB) pdf Water
18 Letter regarding Video Conference (VC) to review the status of unspent balance under NRDWP, Geo-tagging and PFMS(08.01.2019) 08/01/2019 Download (174.43 KB) pdf Water
19 Letter regarding completion of the geo-tagging of rural water supply assets process in Mission Mode(02.01.2019) 03/01/2019 Download (2.11 MB) pdf Water
20 Circular regarding Results-World Toilet Day 2018 Contests(02.01.2019) 02/01/2019 Download (904.56 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission