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Letters and Circulars

S.No. Title Date Download Category
1 Letter regarding Workshop on Swajal on 25and 26th July 2018 at New Delhi(19.07.2018) 19/07/2018 Download (1.36 MB) pdf Water
2 Letter regarding Training for sensitization on PFMS for implementation of EAT Module(19.07.2018) 19/07/2018 Download (180.91 KB) pdf Water
3 Letter regarding Registration or mapping of NRDWP fund flow in PFMS and implementation of EAT module for financial payments(13.07.2018) 17/07/2018 Download (381.43 KB) pdf Water
4 Letter regarding Proposal for release of Sustainability (Functionality) component of NRDWP for 2018-19(09.07.2018) 09/07/2018 Download (172.26 KB) pdf Water
5 Letter regarding New schemes of National Water Quality Sub-Mission(06.07.2018) 09/07/2018 Download (369.15 KB) pdf Water
6 Letter regarding Review of status of Key Resource Centre(06.07.2018) 06/07/2018 Download (727.62 KB) pdf Water
7 Letter regarding Release of Policy on Reuse of Treated Waste Water by the Government of of Gujarat(04.07.2018) 05/07/2018 Download (5.57 MB) pdf Water
8 Letter regarding Capacity Building on Sustainable Development Goals(02.07.2018) 03/07/2018 Download (250.51 KB) pdf Water
9 Letter regarding Video Conference on 4th July, 2018 at 02:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m(02.07.2018) 02/07/2018 Download (170.17 KB) pdf Water
10 Letter regarding PMO reference by Prime Minister to all states of Water conservation(02.07.2018) 02/07/2018 Download (4.26 MB) pdf Water