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Field Visit Documents
S.No. Title Date Attachment Category
1 Field Visit of Joint Secretary (Water) to Nadia district of West Bengal - 11th and 12th September, 2015 Download (1.36 MB) pdf Water
2 Tour Report of Secretary(DDWS) from 24th to 28th May 2011 to Uttarakhand Download (829.39 KB) pdf General
3 Success through local initiatives in Hamirpur Village, Datia Dist., MP Download (322.37 KB) pdf General
4 Tour Report By Director Co-ordination,- Visit to Karnataka Download (1.94 MB) pdf General
5 Tour Report by Deputy Advisor - Visit to Nagaland Download (798.15 KB) pdf General
6 Visit of Secy(DWS) to U.P. Download (5.66 MB) pdf General
7 Visit of JS(DWS) to Himachal Pradesh 15 Aug,2008 Download (1.37 MB) pdf Water
8 Report on World Water Week,Stockholm 17-23 Aug, 2008 Download (1.09 MB) pdf General
9 Visit of Secy(DWS) to Rajasthan 6 Sep,2008 Download (252.86 KB) pdf General
10 Visit of JS(Sanitation) to West Bengal 15-16 April,2009 Download (36.49 KB) pdf General