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CPIO and Appellate Authority

  • S.No. Name and Designation
    of Officer
    Designated as Telephone No./Fax/e-mail Subject matter Name & designation of Appellate
    Authority/ phone/fax/ e-mail
    1. Shri Sudhir Kumar Sinha, Under Secretary CPIO (Estt.) Phone No. 24368711
    Establishment/Administrative matters of Ministry & Consultants. Smt. Shivani Dutt, Deputy Secretary(Admn. & Estt.)
    Tel. No. 2436 4115
    e-amil: shivani[dot]dutt[at]nic[dot]in
    2. Shri Subrata Sanyal, Under Secretary CPIO (General Admn.&Cash.) Phone No. 24368612
    All matters pertaining to Gemeral Administration & Cash Smt. Shivani Dutt,Deputy Secretary(Admn. & Estt.)
    Tel. No. 2436 4115
    e-amil: shivani[dot]dutt[at]nic[dot]in
    3. Shri Anil Kumar Srivastava, Under Secretary CPIO Water Division Phone No. 24363515
    1. All Policy Matters on water
    2. Release of NRDWP Funds
    3. Externally Aided Projects including Low Income States.
    4. Non-lapasable Central Pool of Resources
    5. Projects Recommendation to DoNER
    6. Budget/Allocation of Funds(Water)
    7. PM's 15 New Programme HLTC, SLSSC, LTTD, KRC(Water related) Parliamentary Matters(Water) Parliamentary Standing Committies & Meetings with MP's(Water related)
    Shri Rajesh Kumar, Director(W&P)
    Tel. No. 2436 3152
    e-amil: rajeshkumar2[dot]ofb[at]ofb[dot]gov[dot]in
    4. Shri Sumit Priyadarshi, Assistant Adviser(PHE) CPIO (Water Quality) Division Phone No. 24362191
    1. Water Quality issues
    2. Works of ICDWQ
    Shri D. Rajasekhar, Deputy Adviser (PHE)
    Tel. No. 2436 1656
    Fax: 24364113
    e-amil: ddws_drsekhar[at]nic[dot]in
    5. Smt. Christina Kujur, Under Secretry CPIO (IEC) Division Phone No. 24362106
    IEC Programmes (Water & Sanitation) Shri Yugal Kishore Joshi, Director (IEC)
    Tel. No. 24361424
    e-amil: yugal[dot]joshl[at]gov[dot]in
    6. Sh. Sunil Kumar, Under Secretry CPIO (SBM-I & II) Division Phone No. 24369654
    Policy Matters on SBM Namami Gange, Budget Allocation of funds(SBM) World Bank Projects INDOSAN and SACOSAN Development partner Engagements Capacity Building & KRC (SBM) RALUs Special Events Parliamentary Matters(SBM) Smt. B. Chandarkala Dy. Secretary(SBM-I)
    Tel. No.2436 4869
    e-amil: bhukya[dot]kala[at]nic[dot]in
    7. Sh. K. Narayana Reddy, Under Secretary CPIO (SBM-II) Division Phone No. 24368562
    SLWM PFMC(PMC) Swachh Bharat Preraks Interaction with States on SBM(G) Coordination with HRD and WCD on SS,AS and NISH World Bank Projects Smt. V. Radha, Joint Secretary
    Tel. no. 24361670
    e-amil: radhav[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in
    8. Sh. Sushil Kumar, Under Secretary CPIO (SBM-IV) Division Phone No. 24367073
    Swachhta Action plan Swacchta Pakhwada Swacchta Iconic places National Swacchta Centre Inter-Ministerial Coordination Inter-Sector Collaboration (Corporates, NGOs Media)Special initiatives Sh. Mahesh Thakur, Deputy Secretary
    Tel. no. 24364112
    e-amil: thakur[dot]mahesh[at]gov[dot]in

    Tel. no. 24361424
    e-amil: yugal[dot]joshi[at]gov[dot]in
    9. Sh. Mohan Lal, Under Secretary CPIO Finance Division Phone No. 24368609
    All matters related to Finance and Budget of the Ministry Ms. Pratima Gupta, Director(Finance)
    Tel. no. 24360102,
    Fax: 24363253
    e-amil: pratima[dot]g[at]nic[dot]in
    10. Sh. Sudhir Kumar Sinha , Under Secretary CPIO (Parliament) Phone No. 24368711
    Common Parliament matters Shri. Rajesh Kumar, Director(W&P)
    Tel. No. 2436 3152
    Fax: 24364113
    e-amil: rajeshkumar2[dot]ofb[at]ofb[dot]gov[dot]in
    11. Shri R.K. Bhutani, SSO(Stat.) CPIO (Stat. Cell) Phone No.24361052
    Impact & Concurrent Evaluation of NRDWP and SBM(G)Follow up of CoS/Cabinet and Budget Survey through QCI on Functionality of Piped Water Schemes Survey through NLMs for SBM/Water for NamamiGange. Shri Hiranya Borah, Dy. Director General(Stat.)
    Tel. No. 24369832
    e-amil: hiranyaborah[at]gov[dot]in