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Letters and Circulars

S.No. Title Download Category Publish Date
1141 Letter regarding Audit Report format for TSC effective from audit reports of FY 2011-12 onwards Download (198.04 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission 17/02/2012
1142 Meeting of State Coordinators along with Accountant | Accounts Officer regarding UCs|ASAs on Sanitaion , held on 22.02.2012 Download (259.32 KB) PDF Swachh Bharat Mission 17/02/2012
1143 Postponement of meeting scheduled to be held on 16.02.2012 regarding WATSAN Studies. Download (676.29 KB) pdf General 13/02/2012
1144 Letter regarding Preparation of Annual Action Plan for 2012-2013 with 10% enhanced figure (03/02/2012) Download (446.02 KB) pdf Water 03/02/2012
1145 Comments on new policy initiatives in Total Sanitation Campaign Download (77.87 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission 02/02/2012
1146 Letter regarding request for E-newsletter on Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Download (368.54 KB) pdf General 02/02/2012
1147 Minimising slip-backs and preventing delay in on-going works-Recommendations Download (1.21 MB) pdf Water 27/01/2012
1148 Letter regarding Review Meeting of State Level Chief Chemists Download (112.58 KB) pdf Water 27/01/2012
1149 Letter regarding meeting with state secys. regarding progress of NRDWP and NBA (10/10/2012) Download (2.32 MB) pdf General 11/01/2012
1150 Letter regarding change of venue of Annual Action Plan 2012-13 for NRDWP and TSC Download (1.17 MB) pdf General 02/01/2012
1151 Letter regarding Meeting of WSSO State Directors & CCDU State Coordinators Download (1.02 MB) jpg Swachh Bharat Mission 02/01/2012
1152 Minutes of 4th meeting on preparatory activities for National Work Shop cum Exhibition Download (62.15 KB) pdf Water 31/10/2011