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S.No. Title Date Download Category
741 Letter to Review meeting with State Principal Secy|Secy of Rural Water Supply on 25th Aug 2014(12.08.2014) 13/08/2014 Download (961.77 KB) pdf Water
742 Letter to Review meeting with State Principal Secy/Secy of Rural Sanitation on 25th Aug 2014 12/08/2014 Download (520.74 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
743 Letter to State Principal Secy/Secy regd Discussion on Water Purification Technologies(11/08/2014) 12/08/2014 Download (608.58 KB) pdf Water
744 Letter toSecy/Secy in Charge of RWS for Innovative Exhibition-cum Workshop(12/08/2014) 12/08/2014 Download (3.42 MB) pdf General
745 Release of funds for Installation of Solar Energy based Dual Pumps in IAP Districts (07/08/2014) 11/08/2014 Download (723.76 KB) pdf Water
746 Secy. Letter regarding Swachh Bharat by 2019(1/08/2014) 08/08/2014 Download (455.08 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
747 Letter regd Over exploited and critical blocks(08/08/2014) 08/08/2014 Download (52.55 KB) pdf Water
748 Letter regd Implementation of National Rural Drinking Water Security Pilot Projects(05/08/2014) 08/08/2014 Download (468.29 KB) pdf General
749 Letter to KRCs regd Brain storming session with KRC(7/08/2014) 08/08/2014 Download (1.02 MB) pdf General
750 Letter to All State Principal Secy/Secy regd Design of distribution network and transmission lines of water supply schemes(05/08/2014) 07/08/2014 Download (487.13 KB) pdf Water