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Agenda Notes /Minutes

S.No. Title Date Attachment Category
31 Points of Regional Review Meeting held on 27th July, 2012 at Jaipur (13/08/2012) Download (500.05 KB) pdf General
32 Points of Regional Review Meeting held on 20th July, 2012 at Raipur,(20/07/2012) Download (242.41 KB) pdf General
33 Agenda note in respect of RURAL DRINKING WATER SUPPLY for regional meeting at Raipur on 20th July 2012 Download (209.27 KB) pdf Water
34 Meeting of WSSO Directors and CCDU State Coordinators. Download (533.96 KB) pdf General
35 Minutes of Standing Finance Committee Meeting Held on 23-01-2012 Download (623.39 KB) pdf Water
36 Minutes of KRC review meeting held on 06th july 2011 Download (82 KB) doc General
37 Agenda for meeting of the State Secys(TSC) to be held on 26'th Aug, 2011 Download (1.73 MB) doc Swachh Bharat Mission
38 Agenda Note for Review Meeting to be held on 22nd July 2010 Saturday, September 19, 2015 Download (662.73 KB) pdf General
39 Minutes of the meeting taken by Secy(DW&S) on 5'th July 2010 Download (193.92 KB) pdf General
40 Agenda and Schedule for Regional Review Meeting of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) and NRDWP on 09-09-2015. Download (730.29 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
41 Minutes of the meeting of the 5th Standing Committee held on 15.07.2015 to consider project cost over-run and time over-run (24/07/2015) Download (1.35 MB) pdf Water
42 ATR on Minutes of Second Steering Committee Meeting held on 25.05.2015 (19/06/2015) Download (445.41 KB) pdf Water
43 Minutes of the Meeting held to discuss the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) 2015-2016 Under SBM(G) for the State of Himachal Pradesh Download (236.88 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
44 Revised Agenda of National workshop on SLWM in rural areas 21/04/2015 Download (1.01 MB) pdf General
45 Minutes of the meeting held to discuss Annual Implementation Plan 2015-16 under SBM(G) for the State of Uttar Pradesh Download (240.17 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission